NOMaps is 100% free!

NOMaps is 100% free! And there's no exception to that. I don't want to force donations out of you guys, simply because there's no need for donations. All our costs to operate this site is made back through advertisements. Your donation is not required but it is still highly appreciated. Donations are a way to say "Thank you - I appreciate what you do" in a special way for a service you'll never have to pay for.

What your donation WON'T do:

  • Give you or your area special treatment
  • Give you faster/better support
  • Give your area a map
  • Extend map coverage
  • I won't ever consider any of the above. But feel free to try me ;)
What your donation WILL do
  • I might get a cup of coffee
  • I might not get a cup of coffee

How to donate

MobilePay (Denmark Only)

You can send your donation to 53 40 57 80.
Please make sure you're sending money to Steffen.


If you're unable to donate through MobilePay or wants to pay using your PayPal balance or Credit Card, you can use PayPal instead.